July 22-23 Join MALAYA Movement United Peoples SONA

On July 23rd, President Duterte plans on celebrating his “accomplishments” at the annual Philippine State of the Nation Address (SONA).
As we know, these will all be part of his trail of lies.
The Filipino people know the truth and will be voicing the People’s Demands:

After 2 years in office, President Duterte has continued his war on drugs, war on the poor, the TRAIN tax law burdening the poor, brutal Martial Law in Mindanao, misogynist attacks on women, subservience to US and China, and neglect of the concerns of overseas Filipinos. Efforts are on the way to change the Philippine Constitution to concentrate powers to Duterte and extend his rule.

We say no to Duterte’s emerging dictatorship! Stop the killings!

We invite the greater community to unite on July 22-23rd to stand up to defend democracy and true freedom in the Philippines.

For more details on the Actions- Click on Link or Flyers attached
MALAYAPSONA National.png

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