We call on the Filipino Community and all people in the United States to block the Philippine National Police (PNP) from setting up their “Global Police Community Relations” physical attaches here in the U.S., slated to be established in San Francisco and one in the East Coast.  The PNP has been at the forefront of President Duterte’s bloody “war on drugs,” directly implicated in the killings of innocent people totaling over 20,000 by some counts, as well as numerous other human rights violations.

The PNP Global Police Community Relations is meant to defend the Duterte government’s  crimes against the Filipino people, the thousands of civilians killed in the war on drugs, the extra-judicial killings which he openly admits were committed by the military and police, and the other gross violation of human rights, while trying to rebuild public opinion. Especially with the International People’s Tribunal and other international human rights advocates this past September 20th in Brussels announcement finding the US-Duterte administration GUILTY of the crimes against humanity.

We already see the intensification of Duterte’s crackdown on his opposition with the jailing of more government officials, and even his response to the IPT verdict in which he threatened to add “foreigners as human targets for Filipino soldiers, the Armed Forces of the Philippines.” It wouldn’t be so far off to think that Duterte is following in the footsteps of the Marcos dictatorship in surveilling, harassing and targeting Filipino activists in the United States.

It is also an attempt to convince the US government that the Duterte government and the PNP are doing the right thing in their war against drugs and in the fight against “terrorism” and deserve the military aid that the US has been supplying to the country. The US government is already supplying $186.7 million US tax dollars to the Philippines for military and police aid.

Malaya Movement declares that Duterte’s PNP attack dogs are not welcome in the US. We stand firm against allowing them to set up shop in the US and to enact more human rights violations. We demand a STOP to the Killings, END martial law in Mindanao now, and also appeal to the US government to cut all US military aid to the Philippines.

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