Malaya Movement 1 Year Anniversary: Moving the People Towards Freedom in the Philippines

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One year ago today, the Malaya Movement launched a broad opposition against the fascist Duterte regime in the U.S. composed of Filipinos and organizations from across the country who were outraged by the rampant extrajudicial killings, gross violations of human rights, blatant attacks against democracy and freedom of press and his overall anti-people policies.  

It has been two years too long since President Duterte came into office and each day the political and economic situation in the Philippines worsens. His fascist policies against the broad masses such as the TRAIN law, has worsened the economic situation in the country with a 6.4% inflation rate-  the highest in a decade. The deadly Drug War against the poor has reached as high as 27,000 killings (as reported by the Commission on Human Rights). And the extension of Martial Law in Mindanao which has increased US and Philippine militarization as well as partnerships with China on “rehabilitation projects” both at the sacrifice of Philippine national sovereignty. With the elections coming up this May, we can expect escalating cases of violence and corruption.  Now more than ever, it’s important we stand together for genuine democracy and sovereignty in the Philippines.

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Since the launching of MALAYA, we have recruited over 200 members from various organizations and sectors of the community and have led major activities across the U.S. such as the

“Stop the Killings Caravan and Speaking Tour”, protest actions during Philippine Independence, a United People’s State of the Nation Address (SONA), the anniversary of Martial Law and International Human Rights Day.  The MALAYA Movement also participated in the International People’s Tribunal (IPT) in Brussels, Belgium where two of our national conveners Giselle “G” Tongi and Dr. Ligaya McGovern listened to testimonies of over 31 cases of human rights abuses under the Duterte regime with the International body delivering a guilty verdict. MALAYA has continued to broaden its reach over social media, on the radio, and major publications engaging tens of thousands of people around the globe.


“Building the Malaya Movement here in the US is key to empowering our people across generations and the diaspora.  The toxic machismo regimes of Duterte and Trump must be put to an end. It is our responsibility to facilitate ongoing critical awareness in multiple sectors and places so that we can unite the broadest number of people possible to stand for the genuine democracy and liberation of the Philippines.” – Alma Trinidad, Founding National Convener of Malaya Movement.

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The time is ripe for Filipinos in the U.S. to join the growing anti-dictatorship movement against the U.S. backed Duterte regime in the Philippines and internationally. We must gather together with all Filipinos and allies across the U.S. to unite on ways we can collaborate in building the broadest movement against Duterte’s fascism until he steps down from office. Therefore, MALAYA Movement will host a National Summit for Human Rights and Democracy in the Philippines!

On April 5-7, the Malaya Movement will hold a National Summit for Human Rights and Democracy in Washington D.C.

“On the First Anniversary of Malaya Movement, I wish to congratulate all who worked hard for the building of the movement in the U.S.  It is very important that we share important happenings in the Philippines with our compatriots here in the U.S. and encourage them to join the Malaya Movement. Mabuhay ang Malaya Movement for Freedom and Democracy and against Dictatorship.”  – Dante Simbulan, Founding National Convener for Malaya Movement.

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