The Malaya Movement condemns Duterte for his treason and betrayal of the Filipino people. This is especially highlighted recently in his response to the Recto Bank incident that involved the sinking of the fishing vessel carrying 22 Filipino fishermen by a Chinese militia vessel on June 12. This incident ironically happened as the Philippines celebrates its independence day.

In light of this, the Malaya Movement calls on the Filipino to join the Global Day of Protest on July 12 to protest not only China’s violation of Philippine sovereignty, but more so, Duterte’s puppetry and subservience to China. The Filipino people must realize that Duterte is the biggest threat to Philippine sovereignty. 

After almost an entire week of silence, Rodrigo Duterte, claimed that this was simply “a little maritime incident.”  It’s like we have no rights over our own territory.” To add insult to injury, Duterte and his minions continue to act like China’s apologists.

To dismiss China’s harassment towards Pinoy fishermen and encroachment on the West Philippine Sea shows Duterte’s true colors and his willingness to submit the Philippines to whichever country is the highest bidder. Through Duterte’s “Build, Build, Build” program, the Philippines has taken on a staggering 14.3 billion US dollars in debt to China. How can we call the Philippines sovereign as our own government prioritizes foreign funding over Filipino lives? Duterte’s Charter Change would further erode any semblance of Philippine sovereignty, as it includes the removal of restrictions on 100% foreign ownership of land and corporations in the Philippines. 

We stand with the crew of Gem-Ver 1 and the rest of our people in calling for the following: 1) immediate investigation and swift justice, 2) for the Duterte government to defend our Filipino fishermen in our Exclusive Economic Zones and 3) filing for an impeachment complaint against Duterte for his treasons statements and acts. In spite of our government turning its back on its responsibility to uphold our territorial integrity, we will continue to rise up to uphold and defend Philippine sovereignty from any foreign power that seeks to exploit our land, resources, and people.

In the spirit of people power, we call on all patriotic Filipinos across the U.S. to take to the streets on July 12 to protest against China’s violation of Philippine sovereignty and on July 22nd at the People’s State of the Nation Address against Duterte’s dictatorship. Defend our sovereignty, democracy and human rights!

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