Advocacy is key part of our continued efforts to resist Duterte’s tyranny and dictatorship, and in building a grassroots movement. Since 2019, members of the Malaya Movement, in partnership with the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines and Kabataan Alliance, have lobbied representatives and senators, state governments, as well as city governments to highlight the ongoing human rights abuses in the Philippines. In 2020, we are undertaking a national scale legislative fight to continue to challenge the Duterte administration.

Support the Philippine Human Rights Act

The Duterte Regime in the Philippines has garnered widespread attention for its gross human rights violations.

The Philippines has been deemed one of the deadliest countries in the world for land defenders, journalists and trade unionists. According to human rights groups, the number of killings under the current Duterte regime, infamous for its deadly war on drugs, has risen to 30,000.

However, since 2016, the U.S. has provided $550 million dollars in military aid to Duterte and implemented paltry human rights restrictions and oversight.

We are calling for the introduction of a Philippine Human Rights Act (PHRA): “To suspend United States security assistance to the Philippines until such time as human rights violations by Philippine security forces cease and the responsible state forces are held accountable.”

We are asking for your support for the Philippine Human Rights Act by signing this petition and adding your name to a list of constituents backing this bill.

To learn more, check out the PHRA website.
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Pause the Arms Sale to Duterte!

Why is this petition important?

On June 9, the Philippine Congress and Senate passed the Anti-Terror Bill. A bill so horrifying, even its authors say that “they’ll no longer need martial law” if this bill passes. Now it is sitting on Pres. Duterte’s desk awaiting his action.

In the Philippines, a bill may become a law, even without the President’s signature, if the President takes no action within 30 days from receipt in his office.

The clock is ticking. Let us demand that President Duterte immediately veto the Anti-Terror Bill before July 8, 2020 (US time). If not, the Anti-Terror Bill shall automatically become law and will plunge the Philippines under perpetual martial law. Help us stop the Anti-Terror Bill. Let’s not allow democracy to die in the Philippines.