• The Resistance to Duterte’s Tyranny is Forging Ahead
    Editorial from the Malaya Movement National Secretariat On February 6, 2018, more than two dozen concerned community leaders formed the Malaya Movement. Coming from all over the U.S. and representing the Filipino community, faith leaders, academics, lawyers, youth leaders, business owners, and human rights advocates, the conveners of the Malaya Movement established the new alliance to express their fullest condemnation of the increasingly fascist administration of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.  Since Malaya Movement’s formation in 2018, we were able to build a formidable movement that brought together individuals and organizations from various sectors in the United States as a unifiedContinue reading “Newsletter”
  • Alan Peter Cayetano: Cauldron King of the SEA Games
    Illustration by: Claro SumagueThe Philippines was host to the 2019 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, marked by a series of disastrous logistical problems and budget anomalies. Chaired by Alan Peter Cayetano, the Philippine SEA Games Organizing Committee (PHISGOC) Foundation, was given a budget of at least PhP 1.5 billion.  To top it off, Cayetano commissioned a cauldron for Php 50 million for the torch lighting ceremony, a sign of decadence and grandeur amidst the grave human rights crisis, increasing debt, economic instability, and rampant government corruption.  
  • The Story of Antonio
    By Tricia Capistrano Almost every Friday now at dusk, Tonio would walk to the edge of the shantytown and sit on the flattest rock facing Marikina River. The stench of human waste, the plastic bags, crumpled boxes of Chiclets, and worn rubber slippers no longer bother him. He learned to look southward and focus on the mountains of Antipolo, where his mother said the diwatas live, who he hopes are with his father.
 Tonio opens the plastic bag. His mom asked him to throw them away; the wallets they had stolen. For the last few months, after school, his momContinue reading “Newsletter”
  • A Report from the Malaya Movement in Texas
    On Thursday, December 6th, Malaya Texas attended the Dallas Peace & Justice Center’s “Peacemaker Awards Banquet,” an event that has been a mainstay of the Dallas community since 1987.  The Peace & Justice Center’s aim is to create a better world through education, dialogue, reconciliation, and advocacy on human and civil rights, as well as ecological, environmental, and climate justice. As they wrote in the program, it was a “celebratory evening to shine a light on well-deserving individuals and organizations.” The evening’s awardees deserved the spotlight for their genuine efforts to fight for human rights in Dallas, in all ofContinue reading “Newsletter”
  • “Bam-sak”
    Here is a poem I wrote which I think is appropriate for the theme of the issue. It’s a poem I wrote after the tragic death of Kian Delos Santos. An innocent life lost in the war against the poor. “Bam-sak”ni Christian G. CatinguilMadalas ko takpan ang mga mata noong bata pa,Nakatungo at hingal, naririnig sa paligid ang yapak ng mga paa.Bumibilang ng lima, apat … tatlo, dalawa, isa.Tsaka ididilat ang mga mata, at magliliwanag na.Sisimulan na, ang larong Bam-sak,Mga anino sa dilim, at mga matang tumitingin.Lilingon, ngingiti— kahit ako ang taya,dahil ngayong gabi, ako ang taga-tugis at pasya.Tahimik angContinue reading “Newsletter”
  • Duterte’s Dictatorship Aggravates Public Health Crisis
    The Malaya Movement joins the Filipino people and the global community in battling the deadly virus COVID-19, also known as the Novel Coronavirus. We call on our members, allies and supporters to extend their utmost solidarity and assistance to all peoples affected by this public health crisis, and to keep a keen eye on the Philippines, most especially poor and working class Filipinos.  With the rise of positive cases of COVID-19, it is both heartbreaking and enraging to watch the hellish conditions imposed upon the Filipino people, especially the urban poor, workers, and the frontliners. The Filipino people are facingContinue reading “Newsletter”