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  • July 8th: Global Day of Action Against Duterte’s Anti-Terror Law!
    “When human rights are under attack, what do we do? Stand up! Fight back!” Greetings, Defenders of Democracy! As many of you already know, President Duterte signed the Anti-Terror Law this past July 3rd, ushering in a new dark era for democracy and civil liberties in the Philippines. Despite the widespread criticism and concern from legal experts and renown human rights organizations, Duterte has chosen, yet again, the way of brutality and authoritarian rule by enacting a law that threatens to institutionalize his Martial Law-style dictatorship and place a chilling effect on the practice of democratic rights and constitutional freedoms.Continue reading
  • Power to the People! Oppose Duterte’s Terror!
    OFFICIAL STATEMENT July 3, 2020 Malaya Movement condemns in the strongest possible terms the passage of Duterte’s reprehensible Anti-Terror Law he signed on July 3rd in the Philippines. Republic Act 11479 or “The Anti-Terror Act of 2020” plunges the nation into further danger, posing a serious threat to human rights defenders who have long been critical of the government’s bloody drug war, attacks on press freedom, and crackdown on opposition and dissent. While the COVID-19 pandemic remains unresolved and record-breaking unemployment challenges working class families to put food on the table, Duterte’s weak stomach for criticism and bloodthirst for unquestionedContinue reading
  • Pride IS Protest! Hands Off Bahaghari!
    Official Statement   June 25, 2020   Malaya Movement Statement On the Harassment of Pride Protest Movement strongly condemns the illegal arrests of members of progressive LGBTQIA+ organization, Bahaghari, and the violent dispersal of their peaceful Pride protest by officers of the highly militarized Philippine National Police. Even ahead of the enactment of the Anti-Terror Bill into law, fascism runs wild in the streets wearing fatigues and combat boots.  Just hours ago, Bahaghari (rainbow in Tagalog), conducted a peaceful Pride protest to oppose discrimination and violence against the LGBTQ community, as well as the Anti-Terror Bill. As seen clearly inContinue reading
  • On the Cyber Libel Conviction Against Maria Ressa
    OFFICIAL STATEMENT June 15, 2020 Malaya Movement Statement  on the Cyber Libel Conviction Against Maria Ressa The Malaya Movement is outraged by the guilty verdict on Maria Ressa and Reynaldo Santos of Rappler. We join the Filipino people and the rest of the international community in condemning this most recent attack against press freedom and democracy in the Philippines. The guilty verdict on Ressa and Santos is another example of Duterte’s weaponization of the law. Despite legal challenges, the Manila regional court handed down its guilty verdict in favor of Duterte crony, Wilfredo Keng. The said case was based onContinue reading
  • A Grave Concern and Imminent Threat
    OFFICIAL STATEMENT June 10, 2020 A Grave Concern and Imminent Threat: Malaya Movement Statement on Anti-Terror Bill Last week, as the House of Representatives in the Philippines fast-tracked the approval of HB 6875, otherwise known as the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020, we in the Malaya Movement see this is as a cause for grave concern and an imminent threat to civil and democratic rights in the Philippines. Our main worries for the threat the bill poses lie in the overly broad definitions of “terrorism”, the specter of a police state, and the implications for Filipinos abroad. Overly Broad Definitions ofContinue reading
  • Malaya Movement Stands With the Black Community Against Tyranny & State Fascism
    In response to the relentless murdering of Black Americans at the hands of police officers or racist vigilantes, and to bring to attention the thousands of cases of murdered Black Americans that have yet to feel the warm light of justice, the Malaya Movement stands firmly in support of the popular uprising raging through cities big and small across the United States and abroad. We stand firmly alongside the Black community against state fascism here in our own neighborhoods. We are inspired by the determined spirit for justice of all those who took to the streets and highways across America,Continue reading

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