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Malaya Movement is calling for a national mobilization for a United People’s State of the Nation Address on July 22, 2019! People from all around the country will take action on this day in various cities, including Washington D.C. Let us come together as people united against the fascist Duterte regime to organize the largest national mobilization in Washington D.C. More and more people are choosing to fight against the Duterte regime and its anti-people and anti-national policies and programs. We must show our full force as a united opposition and raise the international attention to the conditions of the Philippines and defend democracy!  See full United People’s SONA Announcement!

For the United Peoples SONA 2019, we want to amplify the call:

Tama na! Sobra na! People Power na!

National Day of Protest vs Duterte’s Dictatorship

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Important Dates:

*As of June 27, 2019

July 20, Saturday

  • Rise 4 Rights Mass Training & Open Mic
  • GABRIELA USA National Council Meeting

July 21, Sunday

  • Malaya Movement Activity (details tba)

July 22, Monday

  • Morning decentralized activities
  • BAYAN-USA led rally, 11:00am – 12:00pm, In front of White House
  • United People’s State of the Nation Address, 12:00pm – onwards, Philippine Embassy


Participants are expected to arrive in Washington, DC by the evening of Friday, July 19. Departure is suggested for the evening of Monday, July 22nd (earliest) or Tuesday, July 23rd (morning). The recommended port of arrival/departure is DCA. All travel costs will be at your own expense. 

Airport proximity from Washington, DC

  • DCA – Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (approx. 8 miles from DC) – recommended airport (has its own Metro station directly connecting to downtown-bound Metro train)
  • BWI – Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (approx. 31 miles: 45 min drive or ~2 hrs by airport shuttle + MTA Train and Metro Train to Downtown DC)
  • IAD – Washington Dulles International Airport (approx. 34 miles:  45 min drive or ~1.5 hrs by airport shuttle + Metro train to Downtown DC)

Intercity Bus & Train Transportation 

Wanderu is a helpful app/website for comparing bus ticket prices. Cabs, Uber, Lyft, and local public transportation are also options for transportation from and to the port of entry. There are car rental providers available at the airports nearby, as well as access to public transportation. The Metro (DC’s subway/light rail train) is directly accessible from the station at DCA, and from BWI and IAD airports via connecting shuttles.


We are unable to arrange lodging for participants, so please plan accordingly. Local lodging options are listed below to help you with your search. Please note that we are not affiliated with these options and are not responsible for your experience if you decide to book with any of these places.

We recommend staying in locations close to a metro stop on the red, blue or yellow line (CUA/Brookland is on the red line), which include DC areas such as NoMa, Union Station, Downtown, and Dupont Circle. For cheaper options, we recommend staying in Arlington, Rosslyn, Alexandria, Silver Spring, or other metro-accessible areas in Northern Virginia/Maryland which are within 30 minutes of DC.

Airbnb is also a good option for groups to find a place together:


Please be advised that participants may have to take public transportation to/from your lodging to the venue. Depending on your housing location, you may have to take the metro and in-city buses. Estimated cost for public transportation is roughly $6/day for those staying in DC, and roughly $10/day for those traveling from Northern Virginia/Maryland. We recommend purchasing a reloadable metrocard to get around DC if you will be relying on public transportation. Multi-day passes are also available. Please plan to have cash and coins handy for public transportation, just in case. We recommend using reliable transportation apps such as Transit, DCMT, MetroHero, Google Maps, and Waze, links can be found below.

Website links:


Those driving should be advised that parking is difficult to find (and can be quite expensive) in DC so we recommend parking your cars in metro stations with parking lots/garages and taking the metro into DC. You can also park in more suburban areas/neighborhoods in DC near the metro but be careful in reading the parking signs and respective arrows so your vehicle doesn’t get towed or ticketed. DC Metro Police are VERY STRICT and quick to give out parking tickets and pull over for even minor infractions. #
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Taking action on July 22 for the United People’s SONA:

  1. LAUNCH large and widespread protest actions on the day of SONA across the U.S. and rally as many people as you can to Washington D.C. Ensure the unity and mobilization of chapters and affiliated organizations for the July 22 SONA. Launch gatherings or assemblies to call action for the SONA as build up.
  2. ENDORSE this National Day of Action! Have your Organization join the list of endorsers- this means your organization will mobilize also in full force and outreach for others to join!  Please fill out this form to begin this process: Be an Endorsing Organization
  3. LAUNCH widespread education and awareness campaign on various national issues. Let us expose the real impacts of Duterte’s economic policies on the regular Filipino. Let us expose the connection of Duterte’s anti-poor and anti-worker policies such as contractualization, TRAIN law, etc to his repressive measure such as the ongoing Oplan Tokhang and crackdown on human rights defenders, activists, journalists, and others. We must also conduct a widespread education campaign on the dangers of Duterte’s push for charter change.
  4. UTILIZE different media and platforms for information and education dissemination. Be prompt in answering emerging issues, especially in the regime’s attempts to stop and derail People’s actions. Be proactive in exposing and responding to false news and lies of the regime’s propagandists.


  • JUNK the TRAIN Law! END contractualization! Implement the national minimum wage!
  • Genuine freedom and democracy, not Cha-cha and dictatorship!
  • STOP the Killings in the Philippines NOW!
  • END martial law in Mindanao and all-out war in the countryside!
  • FIGHT for Land, work, decent housing and democratic rights!
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